Patient Testimonials

“You always treated me with love and compassion!”

Dear Dr. Glowacki and staff,

There are no words to say how much better the quality of my life has improved since my implant. I very rarely have pain. The only thing is my legs sometimes tingle, but I am learning everyday how to work the stimulator to my advantage. Very seldom do I have to take any pain medication. You are all so wonderful and kind. You always treated me with love and compassion!

With much love,
– Carol C.

“It feels so good not to be in so much pain.”

Thank you very much for what you did for me. I appreciate it so much. It feels so good not to be in so much pain. I’m telling everyone how good you are!

Sincerely, – Betty C.


“I have my life back again!”

Dear Dr. Glowacki and staff

Thank you so much for your “great” service and support during my very painful back situation. Its like a miracle!! No pain still!! You corrected what I’ve had numbers try to do for years!! If I only came to you first (or know about you first). I have my life back again!! Thank you!! Thank you so much! Love you guys.

– Michaleen W.

“I cannot thank you enough”

Dr. Glowacki,

To the man with the magic hands and open mind, I cannot thank you enough for fixing what other “doctors” couldn’t, or wouldn’t see. My children and I will never forget you.

– Sabrina S.